The Ttik System, owned by KiaPravas International Airport Services Co., has registered 5592 officially licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority with the aim of providing new services in the tourism industry, launching charter and domestic and overseas system sales.

Ttik’s online ticketing system is one of the most complete airline in the country, letting you get your hands on an ideal and affordable choice by pooling tickets on the overcrowded routes. Through this system you can easily find a charter ticket or a plane ticket at your desired time and route among the types of flights and rail lines available and get it at a cheap and affordable price.

KiaPravz Company was established in 1996 with a comprehensive management and strategic aim to improve the quality of airport and travel services, in collaboration with specialized and experienced personnel with scientific and research infrastructure in the industry and optimization of existing facilities to provide decent services to honorable compatriots.

The service consists of 4 sections:

article A:

Issuing domestic and foreign plane tickets

Section B:

Performing ground and air tours

Reservation of domestic and foreign hotels

Issuance of travel insurance

Visa, Embassy and Passport pickup services

International driver’s license and license plate

Clause C:

Domestic and foreign pilgrimage services

International Ground Handling Airport Services

All International Airport Services

Cargo Brokerage Services


Kiapravas Airport Services Co. of Sanandaj

Registration Number: 5592

National ID: 10610092302

Zip code: 6613733185

Phone: 0880 31805

Address: Kiyapravas Central Building, Keshavarz Street, Sanandaj, Kurdistan