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    The Ttik system is owned by KiaPravas International Airport Services Co., which can be accessed online and only with a mobile phone number, an accelerated bank card and a second password. Of course, buy your personal information, plane tickets or train tickets from the largest collection available in the shortest possible time. There are also filters in Ttik that limit your listing if needed so that you can spend less time shopping for better options. Now, Ttik has added the option of online refunds for its passengers, so that you can cancel your ticket at any time during the day or night when you have problems with your travel. Console fine, have the ticket amount in your account.
    The Ttik app is also available for Android and iOS so you can easily use your mobile phone to book plane, train, hotel and travel insurance at any time and place. Of course there is also a mobile version of the website that is easily accessible by entering www.ttik.ir in the mobile browser.
    For more information about the KiaPravz complex and its services, please visit our About section.

    Tourism News

    • Four cities in Iran have joined the World Wide Web of Creative Cities

      “Four Iranian cities have joined the World Wide Web of Creative Cities,” State Department spokesman Sayed Abbas Mousavi said in a social media account.

    • The Iranian Observatory in Maragheh turned 800 years old

      Iranians have been involved in many sciences for a long time; the remains of a period show that Iranians have made remarkable progress in their historical times.