Tips for buying plane tickets

To purchase a plane ticket from the site, select the “Domestic Flights” option. You should also specify if you want a one-way ticket or a two-way ticket. For completeness, this guide examines the process of buying a two-way flight. After selecting the type of ticket, you will need to enter your departure, destination, departure date, return date and number of passengers and click on the search option.

In the calendar section the prices of the coming days of the current month and the next month are specified.

You can also arrange tickets based on price and time of departure from the top bar.

You can also change your search from the black area below the header to see new results.

Flight selection

At this point, you’ll see the search results and information for each flight class for each ticket, such as the type of plane, departure time, and charter or system ticket to the departure ticket. You can view the details of each ticket’s refund by selecting the “Flight Details and Refund Rules” option.

You can use the filters on the right for a more detailed search; these include flight hours, ticket types, flight class and airlines, and can also be canceled. Click on the booking option after checking ticket information and selecting it.

If you are not logged in initially, the Account Login window will open for you. If you have already registered for the site, just enter your mobile number and password; otherwise you will need to register. Enter your name, surname, email address, mobile phone number and password of your choice and select “Sign Up” after confirming the site’s terms and conditions.

At the stage of my travel companion list, your return ticket is registered and you must enter the traveler’s personal information (first and last name in English and Farsi, gender, national code and date of birth). If you have already purchased a ticket from the site, all your information will be entered by selecting a former traveler. Note that the number of passengers can only be changed at this stage and will not be possible at a later stage.

After confirming the terms and conditions, select.

روی گزینه‌ی «ادامه‌ی خرید» کلیک کنید.

You can view ticket information, requesters and travelers details. After controlling the entered information, confirm it or use the “Return” option if needed. Once your payment process is complete, your ticket will be issued. You can also view ticket information through follow-up.

A printed ticket is not required to board the plane.

Wish you a happy journey.