?How to refund your ticket

The first method

On the homepage of the site in the top menu, click on “Purchase Tracking” to view your purchased tickets by entering your mobile number and national code

The second method

Another way to refund a plane ticket is to sign in to your account using the ‘Login / Register’ option by entering your mobile / email number and password

You will then be taken to this page by selecting the “Purchase Tracking” option and displaying your order list by entering the start date of the report

On the left of each order there are three options for passenger information, ticket printing, refund request.

Selecting the “Request a refund” option will display a page to receive your refund confirmation. If you cancel your flight for personal reasons or your flight time has changed less than two hours, you will be charged a refund in accordance with each airline’s concession rules and a refund. You can then choose to pay by choosing one of the “Add credit to credit” or “Deposit to card” options.

After completing these steps, you can contact support to review the issue if the refund is not credited to your account or account within 72 hours.